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Welcome to NZ's Virtual Mall

Virtualmall is a virtual shopping mall to make it easier for you to locate goods and services in New Zealand by building a database created by real people - not generated by computer bots. The end result is a virtual mall containing a wide range of products in one convenient location.
By using this method, we list only retailers specific to the NZ area and allow you to get in touch with tradespeople close to your town. We will even allow you to customise your search, to let you sort the list by location, by details and also by shops that allow you to purchase items online from the comfort of your own home. So watch us grow and watch the mall grow - we look forward to your support.

Looking for a place to dine?

Browse through our Food & Beverage section to find a special restaurant or cafe for a great night out. We even have a dedicated section on advice that others have submitted to help you plan that romantic and fun date.

Need to find a professional?

From carpenters to Plumbers, from accountants to lawyers... we've got them all covered and our growing list of kiwi companies providing professional services will help put you in touch with people who can help.

Planning on a visit to New Zealand?

To show you there is more to the country than Lord of the rings and the 2011 rugby world cup, check out our travel and tourism section to start searching for your accommodation and activities while in NZ. Start to build your itinerary of things to do, sights to see and places to go from the top of the north island, to the bottom of the south... including Stewart Island. With plenty of activities and tours to choose from, we hope your stay in Aotearoa is relaxing and enjoyable.

Website of the day....

Everything is made easier now. Things could be done in an instant without having to exert much effort and time. Even shopping is made easier now. The mall is perhaps the best place to buy the things you need in your life. From toiletries to furniture, this place has it all. This is heaven on earth indeed. Just imagine what would happen if you could purchase things without having to be there at the mall or store physically. Sounds impossible, right? But now, it’s possible. Virtual malls are quite popular nowadays. All you need to do is visit the websites of these retailers and VOILA! You could order things online. Because of these services, you can now make use of those couponsyou’ve been saving up. You don’t even need to leave your couch to do such thing. How convenient indeed.
In addition to virtual malls, there are now several e-commerce websites you can found on the internet. These sites offer a wide range of products and services. The most common e-commerce sites sell clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. However, my favorite part is being able to place an order of food and have it deliver in my place. This is pretty convenient, especially when you can use your credit card to pay for it. You won’t need to pay cash when the delivery guy arrives. All you have to do is get your order and sign a receipt stating you received your order. In addition to this, most websites that deliver food give promocode to their patrons. It is also known as a discount code that you should input in the designated box before you check out your items and pay for it. advert site of the day tarantulas

You may wonder why many people prefer doing online shopping rather than going to the mall to buy the things that they need. Based on several studies and survey, people do online shopping due to different reasons, such as:

  • There are several brands/other products to choose from,
  • Some websites offer discounts like promo code during the checkout process,
  • It is more convenient because you don’t have to go out,
  • It saves them time, especially when people are too busy to go out or they don’t want to get stuck on the road due to heavy traffic,
  • It is easy to compare products with the help of product descriptions or using a comparison tool from the website,
  • There is no sales tax, and
  • Free shipping, the leading motivation among shoppers when buying.

However, some people still like to go to the mall and personally check the things that they need to buy.

We are in the modern generation that is why we should also deal with the changing and improving technology. Shopping online has already been a trend all over the world. We can shop from many vendors, anytime and anywhere. We can have unlimited choices of products and services from clothing and travel to home decorations and a lot more. We could shop at our own leisure across many marketplaces on Earth. We no longer have to travel to malls to shop on our favorite items. Plus, we can avail of promotion codes to get special discounts even with the latest products or services.

If we are a seller, then we can also get many advantages. We no longer need to pay for a rent. We can get potential customers from different parts of the worlds. Our clients will not only be focused on a certain place. We could have a chance to expand our business in other countries. We could gain more profits if we have more buyers. And if we give promo codes, we will attract more customers, because they can avail of our products and services at a lesser cost. This will lead to the increase of sales of our business, making us earn more.

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If your company is not yet listed, then tell us about yourself and we will be happy to add you to our database... for FREE !!! Fill out our on-line form, and once reviewed then we will include your business in the list of other companies in NZ.

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